Sample Crestwood Heartbeat Magazine

Posted by Beverly on June 24, 2015

It was great to see most of you on Saturday, June 20th for our Family Fun and Clothing Day.

We are excited to share a sample issue of the Crestwood Hearbeat Magazine with contributions from our Crestwood campers.   Click here to read this special sample issue.

To be part of the Crestwood Magazine speak to your Division Head (Grades 1st-6th).

We hope you enjoy it and we can't wait for camp to start on Monday!

Pull Outs, Clubs and Clinics

Posted by Beverly on June 24, 2015




If your child has a special interest,
we have the club for them


In addition to the wide array of activities that your children will enjoy every day, we have other "pull-out" clubs and clinics (listed below) for 1st-6th graders (some clubs require older campers) that can be incorporated into their day, allowing customization based on specific interests and special needs. These clubs and clinics are optional. Please note that children will enjoy many of these activities as part of their regular schedule in which case clubs are an opportunity to go more in depth in an activity.

Campers do miss the group activity on their schedule to participate in these clubs.  We generally try to offer the same club at varied times throughout the week so that our Administrators can try to schedule your child for clubs at an agreeable time with as few conflicts as possible.

We've put together a full list of clubs below with some descriptions and how they are scheduled. If you see a club missing, ask us, and if there is enough interest maybe we will start a new one. Grades listed are for the club only. Saturday's Family Fun and Clothing Day is a great opportunity to meet many of the club (activity) leaders and to discuss options with our staff.  You may be asking why we offer so much?  We VALUE individuality, creativity and independence. We like to see exisiting talents cultivated and to help campers discover new ones.

  • Sports Clubs - Run by our Athletic Director, Ken Korder, and staff of talented sports coaches.  Dates and Times vary. (softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey and football)
  • Tennis “Team” - Our Tennis Pros–Brad and Liz – are available for extra instruction and match play. Dates and Times vary.
  • Swim Team - For those campers entering grades 1-6 who are advanced swimmers (Crestwood swim level intermediate 1 and above), we offer a fun opportunity to join our swim team. Crestwood's swim team, led by our swim coaches, practices during the regular camp day and has intra/intercamp meets throughout the summer.  Meets one period in the afternoon on Mondays thru Thursdays.
  • Fashion Club - Led by former fashion industry professional, Lori Jurgens, learn how to develop, illustrate and design your own clothing just like your favorite designers.  Club members entering 4th thru 6th grade will meet for one hour every week.
  • Jr. Lego League and Robotics - Great Neck Robotics Coach, Nicole Alexander, will lead this Crestwood club. Nicole will present new lego building challenges to campers Grades 1-4 on a weekly basis.  Monday-Friday Mornings for Grades 1-4. Those entering grades 5 and 6 will have more advanced challenges and the excitement of working with robots. 
  • Rocketry – Build and Launch a Rocket with Fine Arts Teacher Richard Diaz. Wednesday mornings for 3rd-6th grade.
  • Camp Musical and Crestwood's Got Talent (aka Crestwood Idol) – Directors Arielle and Jared will take on the Wizard of Oz for this summer’s musical production. Auditions (everyone gets a part) begin during our first week and the show will take place week 7.  For grades 2-6.  Rehearsals are generally periods 7 & 8, a certain number of days per week based on the part.  Our mid-summer show, "Crestwood's Got Talent", a vocal performance and variety show will also be a big hit.  The show will be during week 4.  Sign up on Family Fun and Clothing Day.
  • Fine Arts Club - Our artist in residence, Richard, provides opportunities for visual artistic expression.  Fine Arts is open all the time on a drop in basis with some limits to give all children equal opportunities. Grades 2-6. Closed Wednesday mornings for Rocketry.
  • Crestwood Magazine - Campers will participate in a four session "club" during which they will be led through the process of gathering ideas, drafting, revising, editing and publishing articles, poems, interviews, or other selected genre, for “The Crestwood Heartbeat”--Crestwood Day Camp's digital magazine.  Children (grades 1-6) meet up to 4 times in a 2 week period with Mollie, our writing teacher. New for grades 3-6, campers can sign up for a 1/2 day intensive writing experience called the Crestwood Reporter.
  • Chess Club - We are proud to have top chess coach, Milos Scekic (FIDE Master, International Master and FIDE Trainer) working with our Crestwood campers.  Milos is the founder of Long Island Chess Kids and makes chess fun for all ability levels.  Grades 1-6.  Meets Monday mornings.
  • Bike Club – Go out on our bike trail with our bike specialist.  Dates and Times vary. Grades 1-6 based on riding ability.
  • Karate Club - Learn the basics of the ancient art of Kempo Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and Kung Fu with instructors from United Studios of Self Defense in Commack. Dates and Times vary.  Grades 1-6
  • Dance Club – Bari Oziel owner of Port Washington’s Dance Arts Centre leads our dance staff who teach all styles of dance.  We can't wait for the return of the "Crestwood Thinks You Can Dance" competition.  Dates and Times vary. Grades 1-6 for the club.
  • Trapeze & Circus Show - Learn the tricks of the trade - culminates with a circus / trapeze camper performance.  Dates and Times vary.  Grades 2-6.
  • Guitar & Keyboard Club – learn guitar or piano with Music Man Mike and Thomas (2nd grade and older).  Dates and Time vary.
  • Math & Reading - We can offer remediation pull-out clubs in Reading & Math for interested campers.  Dates and Times vary. Grades 1-6.

As always, most of the activities at Crestwood are available for optional pull-out clubs i.e. Golf, Archery, Nature, Gymnastics, Climbing Tower and more!

There is so much to do at Crestwood that for many campers these optional programs are not necessary.  The point of this e-mail is not to pressure you as parents or your campers into choosing these options.  We want you to know that they are available.  It is our goal to meet the needs of every child.  In addition to you discussing any of these options with your child, our Group Leaders, Division Heads and Specialists will frequently recommend these options to your campers if they see an interest.  Campers can join or try most clubs during the course of the summer.

We can't wait for camp!

Mark, Mark and Jeff


Posted by Beverly on June 24, 2015


Dear 3rd-6th Grade Parents,

This summer at Crestwood your child will have the opportunity to choose electives.  On the first day of camp, your child will choose one of his/her favorite activities at Crestwood and participate in that activity for a double period on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

On Monday/Wednesday the double elective period will take place in the afternoons during periods 10 & 11, and on Friday, the double elective period will take place on Friday mornings during 1st and 2nd periods.  Your child will choose one elective from the lists below on the first day of camp, and his/her choice will last for one week.  Then, your child will make a new elective choice for the following week.

Please discuss the choices with your child before the beginning of camp.   We cannot guarantee that everyone will always receive their first choice, but we will do our best to give each child their top choice as often as possible throughout the summer.

The following activities will be offered to all ages every week.

  • Gymnastics
  • Karate
  • Nature
  • Woodworking
  • Gaga Ball
  • Lacrosse
  • Drama -Crestwood's Got Talent Show

To offer more variety for electives this summer, the following activities will be offered biweekly as well.

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Hockey
  • Bungee Trampoline
  • Zipline
  • Football
  • Trapeze
  • Tennis
  • Tower
  • Basketball (Gym)
  • Soccer

Please be aware that throughout the summer, we may make changes to the elective choices offered based upon camper requests.  Thank you, and we look forward to an amazing Summer of 2015!

Howard and Robin

Dear 2nd Grade Parents,

This summer at Crestwood your child will have the opportunity to choose electives.  On the first day of camp, your child will choose his/her favorite activity at Crestwood and will participate in that activity for a double period every Tuesday afternoon during 10th and 11th periods.  This double elective period will last for two weeks.  Then, your child will make a new choice.

Please discuss the choices with your child before the beginning of camp, since the choice will last for two weeks.  We cannot guarantee that everyone will always receive their first choice, but we will do our best to give each child their top choice as often as possible throughout the summer.

The elective choices for 2015 are:

  • Gym-Basketball
  • Gaga Ball
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Softball and Batting Cages
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Drama- Crestwood's Got Talent Show
  • Gymnastics
  • Jewelry
  • Karate
  • Nature
  • Tennis
  • Tower
  • Ziplines
  • Bungee Trampoline
  • Trapeze
  • Woodworking

Thank you, and we look forward to an amazing Summer of 2015!

Rich and Lesley

Performing Arts

Posted by Beverly on June 24, 2015


This summer, Crestwood is introducing its new Performing Arts Program and Performing Arts Staff! Lead by returning Performing Arts Director, Arielle Murdocco (formerly Cooperman), summer 2015 promises to be an exciting adventure!

Arielle has been a part of Crestwood since 2005 and has been the Performing Arts Director for the past 5 summers. She is the Choral Director at Great Neck North Middle School and performs in theatrical shows all across Long Island. Arielle is incredibly proud of the growth of Crestwood’s Performing Arts Program and cannot wait to work with all the talented campers, both old and new!

Joining Arielle’s staff is Assistant Drama Director, Jared Glazer, who is a graduate of Miami University’s Music Program and is currently pursuing a Masters in Music Education at NYU. No stranger to the dramatic arts, Jared has directed and music directed shows down in Miami and here on Long Island.

The other new member of the Performing Arts team is Thomas DeBrino, who will be running Crestwood’s Music Program. Currently employed at St. Edward the Confessor in Syosset, Thomas comes to Crestwood with many years of experience in Music Education and looks forward to creating a fun, positive environment for the children to grow and develop through music! 

Of course, we have to mention our most famous performer, Music Man Mike (Mike Soloway) who will be back to entertain and sing with our pre-school and kindergarten campers.  We are very lucky to have such talent in our Crestwood family!

This summer, Crestwood campers grades 2-6 will have the opportunity to participate in two productions: 
1) Crestwood Idol, which was previously an end of the summer performance, has been re-named Crestwood’s Got Talent and campers will be performing this cabaret style show during week 4 of the camp season. Campers will be able to showcase their talents (singing, dancing, acting, etc.) in this Mid-Summer Extravaganza!  If your child wishes to participate, they may sign up on Family Fun & Clothing Day, however, campers may join by the end of the first week as well.
2)The Wizard of Oz is coming to Crestwood this August! Auditions for the end of the summer show will be held the first week of camp and all who audition will be a part of this special production. Children who start camp after the first week can be included in the show.  Campers should prepare a short song to sing for the audition and callbacks will be held if needed.

Our Performing Arts staff will all be available to meet you and your child to answer any questions about the programs on Family Fun & Clothing Day this Saturday, June 20th from 10 AM-3 PM. If you have any questions before then, please e-mail or call the office.

Let the countdown begin!

Private Prep

Posted by Beverly on June 24, 2015

Dear Families,

Crestwood is once again partnering with Private Prep, a premier Long Island tutoring company.  Their team of ELA and common core specialists will offer academic support as well as enrichment this summer!  Private Prep will be offering one-on-one lessons as well as group lessons with an experienced academic coach at a discounted rate.  The lessons will take place either before, during or after the camp day at Crestwood.

Discounted rates are as follows:

one-on-one: $80/hour
group: $60/hour 
Included is a free in-home consultation with one of Private Prep's directors who will assess your child's specific needs.

Please contact Private Prep Directly by email at or by phone at 516-284-8634

In addition to this new option, Crestwood will continue to offer group enrichment and remediation in reading or math to campers as a "pull-out" from regular activities for no charge.  Please call the office and ask to speak to or leave a message for your child's Division Head.

Athletic Program and Staff

Posted by Beverly on June 5, 2015



Crestwood has assembled one of the most talented group of athletic instructors in camping. Each one has expertise in piecing together the building blocks needed for campers to take the next step. That step might be the first one toward trying a new activity or gaining success of a hit, run, swing, shot or kick. Perhaps that little teaching point or words of encouragement was all the tweaking needed. From there our staff presents hurdles and challenges as our smallest athletes “explore” all the opportunities that their young minds and bodies are so eagerly waiting for.

For a list of our head coaches and short bio on each of them please click this link. We have many additional assistant coaches in all our sports who work with our campers as well.


Our Associate Director and Athletic Director, Ken Korder, oversees our entire Athletic Program and coordinates our numerous sports options and offerings.  Crestwood’s scheduling already offers multiple set athletic periods for each group each day.  There is also the flexibility to allow for Sports Track, which is offered daily and is a rotating cycle of team sports for boys and girls wanting advanced training (optional for children entering grades 1-6). In addition, there are Elective Periods (built into the schedule for children grades 2 to 6), which attracts the casual and serious athlete. And, our newest alternative, Team Crestwood. This is intended for campers seeking a Sports Camp experience and that precision feel of team play.  For more info on Team Crestwood click here.

During all the teaching periods at Crestwood our staff provides a healthy mix of skills, drills and game conditions that captures the campers’ interest.  For information on any of our optional sports programs please feel free to speak to your child's Division Head or call the office.