Crestwood Soars With Excitement

Posted by Crestwood on February 26, 2015

Our Campers Love Our Staff

Posted by Crestwood on February 9, 2015

January Art Update

Posted by Beverly on January 15, 2015

The last few weeks in December were fun and productive in Crestwood's Art Studio.

The Toddlers used paint and collage to explore shapes, and made gingerbread boys and star prints to complement the season.  They continue to scribble in all our art classes and experiment with different kinds of crayons and drawing materials.

The Nursery and Pre-K children as well as the Kindergarten did a lot of easel painting this past month and really seemed to enjoy the freedom of expression it afforded. 

Two paintings we looked at were "Christina's World", by Andrew Wyeth, and "The Red Room" by Henri Matisse.  When we looked at "Christina's World" we talked about how things look small when they are far away and seem to grow larger as they come closer.  The Nursery children used collage and block printing in this lesson and the Pre K children drew with colored pencils and painted. 

When we looked at "The Red Room" we talked about how the picture was of the inside,  we noticed all the things in the room (We read Goodnight Moon).  Both the Nursery and Pre-K children made collages and paintings in response to this painting.  While painting, the children worked with a limited palette and learned what kinds of possibilities that could bring.

The Kindergarteners worked with patterns in their "pile of presents" project, making each present a different stripe or checkerboard.  We also talked about balance while they created their compositions--placing the larger presents on the bottom and smaller ones on top.  The Kindergarten children also painted on the easels and we discussed landscape painting and what a background is.  We looked outside at the trees and then the children painted, using a lot of white and then blending in some colors to make it look like a winter sky.  During the second art class that week the children painted trees--using the letter "y" as a reference, to finish their landscape paintings.

The afternoon Pre K classes finished their unit on Fairy Tales with a Jack in the Beanstalk Castle collage picture, and all the classes made a Gingerbread House picture they decorated with candy drawings and painted snow.

All the children had some fun with play-dough (the home-made kind), and we made different colored play dough and mixed it together to make new colors.
It was a great way to finish 2014!

Be sure to check the website for more of our students wonderful artwork!

Miss Eileen

Foreign Language

Posted by Beverly on December 19, 2014

The students are really enjoying partaking in both Mandarin and Spanish classes. Both our Spanish and Mandarin teachers are teaching through songs, coloring and hands on learning. The foreign language teachers collaborate with the classroom teachers to see what they are currently learning in the classroom so they can coordinate their lessons.

Miss Mady is currently completing her color book with the toddlers, nursery and pre-k classes. With the kindergarten children, Miss Mady is teaching basic conversation. They are also going over the daily calendar in Spanish.

Miss Yimei is currently teaching basic greetings such as hello, goodbye and how are you to the nursery classes. The pre-k and the kindergarten students are working on answering and asking questions in Mandarin.

One of the goals of our foreign language program is to help the students develop a love of learning another language.

Basketball at Crestwood

Posted by Crestwood on December 9, 2014

New Kindergarten After School Basketball Program.
Open to all Kindergarten Boys & Girls
from any School, Town, or Camp.

We are excited to announce the start of a new After School Basketball program for kindergarten age children to be held this winter season at Crestwood.  We are teaming up with Mike Kelly, president and founder of Hoops 101 to create something unlike any other youth basketball program.  Mike will be working hands-on at each class this winter along with Brian Hettinger, phys.ed teacher and Crestwood Camp Group Leader.  Additional Hoops 101 coaches and Crestwood staff will round out the crew as needed. 

Mike Kelly has been a Division 1 men's basketball coach for 7 years at Hofstra, Fordham, and now Adelphi.  In 2012, Mike started his youth basketball instruction company and has been coaching to rave reviews all over Long Island, in several other states and internationally ever since.

Hoops 101 specializes in teaching basketball skills using advanced drills that have been carefully simplified and structured. Players of all ages and skill levels are capable of understanding and doing each of the many different drills that our program has to offer.

Footwork, proper mechanics, and the detailed breakdown of movement on the basketball court give players the opportunity to learn the right way to improve as quickly as possible and as early as possible in their basketball careers.

Hoops 101 is fun. We create a positive atmosphere where players are able to work towards improvement without worrying about making mistakes. We encourage players to get out of their “comfort zone” by trying new things. The key is that we all learn by trial and error.  Like Crestwood, Hoops 101 prides itself  in helping players to realize that they are capable of more than they know.

WHERE:      Crestwood Gymnasium 
WHEN:         Thursdays
TIME:         4:00 PM - 4:45 PM
SESSION:   11 Winter Classes
DATES:      12/11, 12/18, 1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29, 2/5, 2/12, 2/26, 3/5, 3/12
                          (Make-Up Date: 3/19)
FEE:                $275 includes basketball shirt & trophy

For more information and a registration form please click here - REGISTRATION FORM.  Enrollment is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Mr. Jim Music Upadate

Posted by Beverly on December 1, 2014

Mr. Jim is busy helping to foster a love and appreciation of music in all of our students. All of our children love to sing basic melodies and participate in fun movement songs. To learn about melody, we enjoy lots of singing while also playing a variety of percussion instruments. Students are taught about high and low sounds and dynamics(volume) loud & soft.  The classes are invited to play simple percussion instruments and keep the steady beat while Mr. Jim plays his keyboard as an accompaniment to them.
Our preschool and kindergarten students are enjoying the above as well as learning how to play a woodwind instrument and/or keyboards. Our program is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of music through using color and color matching to help with note reading. The children are learning to match the color music note to the color key on their instrument. To advance what the kindergarten students are learning they add the musical letter names to their note reading.
Here are some of the topics that will be highlighted during the school year.
•  Movement and music
•  Learning to sing and listen
•  Making music with percussion instruments
•  Singing and playing simple melodies